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Stephen Greif.

British actor Stephen Greif portrays an older Peter Lorre.

Afternoon Play, “Peter Lorre Vs Peter Lorre” – Originally broadcast Sept. 1, 2008, over BBC Radio 4; repeated May 10, 2010.

Written by Michael Butt and produced by Toby Swift, “Peter Lorre vs Peter Lorre” uses actual trial transcripts, supplied by Lorre biographer Stephen Youngkin. But more significantly, the play explores Lorre’s reaction to the theft of his name, as well as the direction his life has taken, in the twilight years of his acting career.

In September of 1963, Peter Lorre found himself involved in a strange court case – a young German immigrant named Eugene Weingand sought to legally change his name to “Peter Lorie, Jr” because, he said, his own name was too difficult to pronounce and his friends thought he looked like the famous actor. When the application was denied, the case went to the Superior Court for the State of California, where Lorre himself gave testimony.

Kenneth Collard.

Kenneth Collard plays Eugene Weingand.

The cast includes British actor Stephen Greif as “Peter Lorre”; Kenneth Collard as “Eugene Weingand”; Peter Marinker as “Lester Salkow”, Lorre’s agent; Helen Longworth as “Helen Hafner”, a Lorre fan; John Rowe as “Judge Burnett Wolfson”, Nathan Osgood as “Jack Paar” and “Barclay”; Kerry Shale as “Robert Shutan”, Lorre’s attorney; and John Chancer as “Curtis Gemmil”, Weingand’s attorney.

Originally broadcast on Sept. 1, 2008, over BBC Radio 4, “Peter Lorre Vs Peter Lorre” was repeated on May 10, 2010.

“Peter Lorre Vs Peter Lorre” is now available on digital audiobook through Amazon’s

Peter Lorre v Peter Lorre (BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play)
U.S. fans
Peter Lorre v Peter Lorre (BBC Radio 4: Afternoon Play)
U.K. fans

Peter Lorre on Suspense

With “tales well calculated to keep you in suspense”, the 1940s anthology radio series Suspense relied on weekly guest stars. Peter Lorre was one of many Hollywood stars who appeared before the CBS microphone.

Between 1942 and 1945, host Joseph Kearns (“The Man in Black”) welcomed Lorre to the program for a total of six episodes:

  • “Till Death Do Us Part” – Dec. 15, 1942
  • “The Devil’s Saint” – Jan. 19, 1943
  • “A Moment of Darkness” – Apr. 20, 1943
  • “Back for Christmas” – Dec. 23, 1943
  • “Of Maestro and Man” – July 20, 1944
  • “Nobody Loves Me” – Aug. 30, 1945

All six episodes are now available for MP3 download through Amazon U.S., as well as many on-line dealers, including Radio Showcase.

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