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Sample Credits from the Appendix

“I would rather stay a little actor who plays small parts big than a big actor who plays big parts small.”
~ Peter Lorre

Credits are only complete until they are not, which is another way of saying that documenting the stage, film, radio and television performances of an actor is a work in progress. Special appearances, guest shots and commitments made but not met are just a few of the wide variety of variables that prevent closure.

While these credits don’t pretend to be complete, they do represent the most comprehensive and accurate inventory to date.

Dates cited represent opening nights, in the case of theater; release dates, in the case of films; and original air dates, in the case of radio and television.


Die Schwester (The Sister). Director: Franz Wenzler; written by: Hans Kaltneker; Kammerspiele, Vienna, February 14, 1928. Cast: Maria Orska, Friedl Haerlin, Edwin Jürgensen, Willy Hendrichs, Theodor Grieg, Walter Doerry, Peter Lorre (2 roles: the sexual researcher and a street-ghost).

König der Diebe (King of Thieves). Director: Franz Wenzler; written by Jean Guitton; Kammerspiele, Vienna, March 10, 1928. Cast: Hans Moser, Theodor Grieg, Oskar Hugelmann, Gusta Karma, Käthe Franck-Witt, Peter Lorre (2 roles: Levy and the gentleman in the black frock coat), Wilhelm Voelcker, Fritz Heller.


Der Verlorene (The Lost One), (National Filmgesellschaft m.b.H., 1951). Director: Peter Lorre; producer: Arnold Pressburger; screenplay: Peter Lorre, Benno Vigny and Axel Eggebrecht; cinematography: Vaclav Vich; 98 minutes. Cast: Peter Lorre (Dr. Karl Rothe), Karl John, Helmut Rudolph, Johanna Hofer, Renate Mannhardt, Eva-Ingeborg Scholz, Lotte Rausch, Gisela Trowe, Hansi Wendler, Kurt Meister, Alexander Hunzinger.

Beat the Devil (United Artists, 1954). Director: John Huston; producer: John Huston; screenplay: Truman Capote and John Huston; based on the novel Beat the Devil by James Helvick; cinematography: Oswald Morris. Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollabrigida, Robert Morley, Peter Lorre (Julius O'Hara), Edward Underdown, Ivor Barnard, Marco Tulli, Bernard Lee, Mario Perrone, Guilio Donnini, Saro Urzi, Juan De Landa, Aldo Silvani.


Suspense, "Back for Christmas" (CBS, December 23, 1943). 30 min. Joseph Kearns ("The Man in Black"), host. Cast: Peter Lorre (Hubert Schumacher), John McIntire.

The Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Show (NBC, January 13, 1944). 30 min. Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, hosts; Connie Haines. Guest: Peter Lorre. Abbott and Costello visit Lorre's sanitarium.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents, "The Diplomatic Corpse" (CBS, December 8, 1957). 30 min. Alfred Hitchcock, host. Cast: George Peppard, Mary Scott, Peter Lorre (Tomas Salgado), Isobel Elsam.

Playhouse 90, "Turn Left at Mt. Everest" (CBS, April 3, 1958). 90 min. Cast: Fess Parker, Peter Lorre (Tenzing Phillips), Paul Ford, Patricia Cutts, Arnold Stang.

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